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The URL at the end of your DOCTYPE declaration points to a place where you will find the DTD for the flavor of HTML you’re using.

Neither your browser nor the W3C Validator goes out to the web to find the DTD — they have a “wired-in” list of the valid DOCTYPEs and use the URL for identification purposes only.

This program counts the number of elements, attributes, ignorable whitespaces, and characters appearing in an XML (or, in this case, XHTML) document.

This program has an option to turn on validation as it parses the document, making it perfect for the task at hand.

When adding attributes, you want to add your customizations at the end of the DTD to ensure that everything they need to reference has already been defined.

This information is specified in this model: Note: Adding new attributes to existing elements is easy; adding new elements is somewhat more difficult and beyond the scope of this article.

The solution is to use a different validator which will actually go out to the URL that you have specified and use it to check whether your document is valid or not.

Because the document you’re validating is XHTML, you can use any XML parser that does validation.

You run the Counter program (which is going to be your “validator”) from a batch file for Windows or a shell script for Linux.

Here is the batch file, named [Error] badfile.html:: Attribute "required" with value "yes" must have a value from the list "true false ".

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Download all the sample files from this article and give it a whirl.

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