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Chris Blank is an independent writer and research consultant with more than 20 years' experience.

Blank specializes in social policy analysis, current events, popular culture and travel.

He was born into the family of Stephen and Pauline Hussey along with two other siblings – brothers.

The occupation of his parents at the time of his birth is not known, however, his father currently runs the family’s business.

The young couple engaged in kissing and similar activity, but not actual intercourse.Statutory rape charges apply even if the minor party agrees to the sexual contact and even if he initiated contact with the adult.The law often allows for a defense or mitigating factor, that is, a circumstance which lessens the severity of the charges, if the adult reasonably believed the minor was actually older than the age of consent.Curfew laws vary by jurisdiction and are usually enforced at the local level, but often apply to individuals under the age of 18.Internet and telephone dating services customarily set a minimum limit of 18 for users.

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