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Later on, she began her career as a professional wrestler.She participated in many matches and she shifted to the Raw brand in 2008.She has successfully managed to accumulate a net worth of 4 million dollars and her salary per year is 5,000.Talking about rumors and controversy, there was a rumor that she was having an affair which was accused by Diva Maria. Moreover, she has blue eyes and has dyed her hair to Blonde. 's reality series WAGS may be best known for their relationships with professional athletes, but that doesn't mean their lives are only about romance.Each woman featured on the show is totally different than the others, and their careers range from stay-at-home moms to work-focused jetsetters who barely even see their significant others.

While working as a model in 2006, Blank was offered a contract and invited to Ohio Valley Wrestling.

But reality TV can often put any relationship through the ringer, so it's surprising that the couples from WAGS are still together.

The show makes it seem like the life of a WAG is pretty stressful, with so much concern over whether your significant other is going to propose to you, how long it is until you get married after an engagement, what kind of ring it is, and more.

The following year, Kelly challenged for the WWE Divas Championship on several occasions but she was unsuccessful. She challenged Lay Cool for the WWE Women’s Championship but again she was unsuccessful to win the title.

Kelly returned back to Raw in April 2011 and immediately won the WWE Divas Championship for the first time in June.

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