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Follow-up albums Little Queen, Magazine, and Dog and Butterfly also sold well.Following the release of the Dog and Butterfly album, the Roger Fisher / Nancy Wilson romance came to an end.The question is – will they make it through this rough patch?Their friends seem to think no, if this report is to be believed.“Mike Fisher Breaks His Silence Following News of Carrie Underwood Divorce,” reads the suggestive headline on the outlet’s website. Thanks.” So, far from breaking his silence and confirming a divorce, he actually refuted it, thereby confirming Gossip Cop’s bust.

In 1990, Roger Fisher formed the band Alias with vocalist Freddy Curci and guitarist Steve De Marchi, both were previous members of the Canadian rock band Sheriff.However, there is the fact that Carrie and Mike have dealt with bumps in their relationship for a long time, and if they’ve done it before, then we can assume that they’ll be able to do it again.There have been cheating rumors, jealousy rumors, career trouble rumors, you name it – any type of relationship trouble rumor in Hollywood, and it’s likely already been applied to Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s marriage.The two other musicians were also ex-Heart members Steve Fossen on bass and Mike Derosier on drums.Alias had a few hits, most notably in 1990 with the song “More Than Words Can Say”, which in 2005 resurfaced in a Subway sandwich commercial. The band also performed twice on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, once with Johnny Carson and once with Jay Leno.

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