Wpf combobox selectedindex not updating dating cecide fi

I’m not sure yet whether using Collection View is a better approach than the alternatives I have seen which bind the Selected Value or Selected Item property.

I would be interested to hear in the comments if you think either approach has benefits over the other.

Once it has been defined we could call it and say get count or selected index then pick a random one from the Combo Box.

Are we able to do something similar with Appium using the Win Driver?

If i for instance have an application with a number of Combo boxes bound with a Collection View and i want the selected item in one of them to affect a filter in another Combo Box. I´ve added a filter by just using my Collection View.

Although, we have had some concerns and issues with the framework here and there.

After contacting Microsoft with these they suggested us to look into Appium with the Win Driver as Coded UI is a legacy framework they don't really support anymore.

If not, please provide some additional details like Code Customization or sample that can reproduce the reported behavior?

It will be helpful for us to analyze and provide you a prompt solution as early as possible.

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I found that there does not seem to be one “official” way of doing this.

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