Wpf textbox error validating

Having defined Validation Rule as above if user input is invalid, Text Box will have a red border.

Like everything in WPF it is possible to customize it by setting a custom Control Template.

What remains is to customize the editors to handle this logic.

You don't need to validate the editor while the user is typing, so set the editor Validate On Text Input property to False.

To illustrate the binding mechanism on the Edit Value property available on any of the DXEditors, consider the following simple binding: Edit Value="".

Edit Value is the target property where binding is applied.

Only after validation succeeds, the editor posts the input value to its Edit Value property. The Validate On Enter Key Pressed property controls whether the Edit Value property is updated when the Enter key is pressed.

DXEditors provide two properties for invoking the validation mechanism: Base Edit. The Validate On Text Input property determines whether the Edit Value property is updated as the end-user types in the editor.

The Required Validation Rule class checks the inputted value from the overridden Validate method.

However, for the Confirm Password, it makes sense to validate input values as the end-user types.

Set the editor's Validate On Text Input property to True.

Open the Google registration form to research it in detail.

When the form is first displayed, its “Register” button should be enabled; the editors do not indicate any input errors.

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