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Most blog because they’re passionate about a topic and want to earn some extra money in the process.After analyzing the report, my main takeaway is this: blogging is a business like any other.Despite the lure of an easy lifestyle (and claims of unscrupulous Internet marketers), you can’t expect to just start a blog, post a few ads and watch the money roll in.Going from Hobby Blogger to Pro If you really want to go from hobby blogger to pro, you must be willing to work hard, invest in training and stick it out for the long haul — expect to wait a year or more before you can attract enough traffic to monetize your blog.

Blog Her puts on one heck of a show and if you’re serious about learning more about blogging, I highly recommend you check out some of its upcoming conferences. According to the 2015 Women’s Blogging Industry and Business Annual Report — a survey of thousands of bloggers by i Blog magazine — very few bloggers earn much.Membership starts at a month; in some communities, you can access for free through your local library. Although blogging can feel isolating, it doesn’t have to be.Alternatively, many community colleges and continuing education programs offer classes in social media and photography. In fact, the number of bloggers who clearly knew one another at this event surprised me. When I attended Blog Her three years ago, sites like Pinterest and Instagram were just getting rolling.All three provide lots of free advice (and more in-depth training and support is available for a fee). Her website is  My Lifestyle Career.com; on Twitter she is @Nancy Collamer.Blog Her Conferences Are Worth Checking Out This year’s Blog Her event, held in New York City, featured successful bloggers including celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow (founder of the popular Goop.com), workshops on branding, social media and monetization and a whole lot of networking.

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  1. High school was all about social status, and maybe you thought you simply couldn’t ask out the cute jock. It pushes you to talk to new people instead of huddling in a corner with your BFFs all night.