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The beginning menu can be found on the main page next to "= Update Your Site." One just clicks on "edit theme" and will be taken to an = editing menu (as seen below).

Here, one can change the overall layout of th= e blog, the colors, fonts, dimensions, etc.

was its first registrar, now it is moved to Go LLC.

According to My Wot, Siteadvisor and Google safe browsing analytics, is quite a safe domain with no visitor reviews.

There is also the opt= ion to post video blogs onto your page.

\[= 11\] Video blogs are becoming more and more popular among blogging= .

Xanga is free to join, but there are o= ptions for more advanced blogging.

would we be seeing the features and the progress 2.0 promised within this time frame?

Would all of that time and energy that had been diverted into the Autisable separation been funneled back into Xanga, to actually work on the parent site? Though I would not be surprised to discover my next post on the subject will entail the closure of Xanga in its entirety…

It’s almost as if, gasp, my observation that once he got what he wanted from Xanga, everyone else can sit and spin. But at this time, with how busy his life is, how much he’s got going on now compared to when he became the Community Liaison for Xanga, does he even have time for it now?

The way he currently handles the role, oh absolutely because it doesn’t really entail anything other than being a public face what’s left of the community can come to for information – of which he has absolutely none. ” comments on Facebook with a simple “Just email Eugenia” response. It’s awfully suspicious, but completely obvious this was going to be the result, that he’s tapered off using Xanga at all now that his brainchild, Autisable, has been made a reality.

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